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With Each Order Made a Tree Will Be Plated in Your Name.

Trees absorb air pollution cleaning the air & give out the oxygen we all need to breath. Although most of us are aware of the benefits of tree planting we seem to find it hard to take action.

Our tree planting partner Ecologi has helped make it easier than ever for our customer to do their part & contribute to a healthier planet at NO EXTRA COST.

A small percentage of the delivery fee from each order will go towards the The Eden Reforestation Projects were we will be able to support the planting of millions of trees around the world each month. We are currently supporting their incredible work in Madagascar where the forest is located.

After placing an order with ARYHA our customer will be sent an email certificate confirming their planting. Within this email a link will be provided to virtually view the ‘ARYHA Forest’ providing the customer with information regarding the age, type & location of their new tree. They will also be able to see the thousands of other trees planted by customers supporting our community for better.