Ethical Fashion

Ethical Guidelines

Our mission is to revolutionize fashion and raise awareness of how the clothes we wear damage our planet. When you wear ARYHA clothes not only do we want you to look good but also know that you’re doing good by choosing a more ethical alternative than most available brands so you can feel good not only about your appearance but your contribution to a better planet for all.

As of 2019 ARYHA is 100% committed to providing fashionable clothing that does not add to the negative impact of the fast fashion world. The Fashion industry has been identified as the world’s second largest polluter creating some of the most destructive environmental catastrophes man has ever made. All capital raised from previous sales fromstandard garments will be invested in the brands transitioninto the UK’s first ethical streetwear brand.

 What is Ethical to us?

 We are by no means perfect, but it is our intention to provide a better honest alternative to current market.

 The most renewable and eco-friendly materials in the world are Hemp (the fibre of the cannabis plant) and Bamboo Cotton. These materials are fast growing plants that do not require fertilisers and can self-generate from its own roots. ARYHA aims to use Hemp and Bamboo Cotton as alternatives to more environmentally damaging materials such a cotton as frequently as possible.

 Cotton is a highly intensive water plant that consumes 10% of all agricultural chemicals and 25% of harmful pesticides. According to WWF it takes more than 20,000 litres of water to create one cotton T-Shirt and pair of jeans. Despite 70% of the world being covered in water we only have access to just 1% of the worlds fresh water. The two rivers supplying the Aral Sea in Uzbekistan were redirected in the 1960’s to maintain the cotton plantations. As a result of this the entire Aral Sea is now dried up with the polluted sea bed now adding pesticides + salt into the air.  The increased rate of Cancer, Tuberculosis and Birth defects has “drastically” increased and has been described as the worst disaster of the 20th century. ARYHA will not support any use of cotton despite recycled cotton which has already taken enough negative effects on the environment to be thrown into landfill.

 1.2 Billion plastic bottles and millions of pieces of plastic and polyester were discovered floating in our ocean in 2018. Many speculate this figure much higher as this is only the statistic of pieces found! ARYHA is committed to using 100% recycled polyester recycling plastic and creating something good from environmental waste.

 Last year alone 10.46 million tons of wasted clothing overflowed the American landfills. ARYHA aims to reconstruct wasted materials and recycle them into high quality garments that you can be proud to wear and subconsciously do your part to save our planet.