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Ethical Guideline

Mission Statement

To revolutionise fashion and raise awareness of how the clothes we wear have an impact on our planet. When you wear ARYHA not only do we want you to look good, but we also want you to know that you’re doing good by choosing a brand which invests in projects supporting a healthier planet. If we can combine enough small changes and raise awareness of how our choice of clothes impact the environment together we can change the world for better.

Sustainable fashion is all about limiting consumption therefore the only piece of clothing that is truly sustainable is the one you already own. Our primary focus is the quality of the material making timeless products which you can wear forever and wont need to repurchase.

Sustainability means different things to different people! We do not claim to be “Sustainable” as we believe there is no such thing. We class our company as “sustainably conscious“ meaning we do NOT turn a blind eye to the negative impacts fashion puts on our environment and try to minimise damage as much as possible.

WE ARE NOT PERFECT. Creating sustainable clothing that pleases everyone is impossible however we strive to add sustainable attributes to each part of the customer journey to provide a more sustainable alternative than most but NOT all things available in the current market.

Our Why...
Our Why...
  • To provide the highest quality product with sustainable components.

  • To give customers a fair decision to choose to shop more sustainable by pricing our products at an affordable price point.

  • To educate the customer on how their order has made a difference & to inspire them to make more sustainable choices in the future. 

How Are We Different?

ARYHA chooses to use (in our opinion) a primary base of sustainable fabrics to reduce the impact on our planet as much as possible. We define sustainable materials as anything which can be produced without depleting non-renewable resources and without disrupting the established steady-state equilibrium of the environment and key natural resource systems. These materials include Organic Cotton pure from the use of pesticides and Rayon typically made from purified cellulose fibres which are typically created from wood pulp.

Using solely sustainable fabrics can often dramatically increase prices creating a financial barrier for those wanting to become more sustainably conscious. For this reason we decided to ensure the primary fabric (component with highest percentage within blend) is a sustainable material which may be mixed with 'basic' fabrics allowing us to keep our price points affordable but provide more sustainable aspects than generic clothes. 

We take great pride in always finding ways to minimise the use of pesticides, product waste and manufacturing pollution but we understand that inevitably we cannot guarantee perfection. 



Place an order & Plant a tree!

The effects of deforestation on our planet are devastating. It is common knowledge that one of the best tools to tackle the climate crisis & keep our temperatures from rising above 1.5C is to plant trees. Trees absorb air pollution cleaning the air & give out the oxygen we all need to breath. Although most of us are aware of the benefits of tree planting we seem to find it hard to take action.

Our tree planting partner Ecologi has helped make it easier than ever for our customer to do their part & contribute to a healthier planet at NO EXTRA COST.

With each order made a tree will be plated in your name!

A small percentage of the delivery fee from each order will go towards the The Eden Reforestation Projects were we will be able to support the planting of millions of trees around the world each month. We are currently supporting their incredible work in Madagascar where the forest is located.

After placing an order with ARYHA our customer will be sent an email certificate confirming their planting. Within this email a link will be provided to virtually view the ‘ARYHA Forest’ providing the customer with information regarding the age, type & location of their new tree. They will also be able to see the thousands of other trees planted by customers supporting our community for better.

For more information watch our short video here:



Why Madagascar?

Madagascar is considered a biodiversity hotspot, and over 90% of its wildlife is found no where else on earth. In recent years, vast areas of Madagascar’s original forests have been destroyed, displacing entire animal species and diminishing local people’s ability to farm and live on the land. 

Your money is not only supporting the restoring forest ecosystems, but the  Eden Reforestation Projects  “Employ to Plant” program which will allow us to support the battle to end poverty & provide positive environmental impacts at the same time. This program helps create jobs hiring local people to grow, plant, and guard to the trees planted providing critical income for families all over the country. 

Sustainability Goals

As member of our community for better your money goes towards supporting projects that are in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Below are the goals recognised by the Mangrove restoration in Madagascar project which YOU are supporting. All future projects we invest in will have to meet the UNSDG criteria:





The average product bag in the fashion industry is made from plastic. Plastic is cheap and very cost effective which is why such so many companies chose to use them. The issue with using these cheap plastic bags is that it takes a massive toll on our environment poisoning and killing habitats and animals. The average household takes home 1500 plastic bags a year with a mire 1% being recycled. Approximately 100 ,000 marine animals are killed each year by plastic bags with 1/3 Leather Back Turtles being found to have plastic bag in their stomach.

ARYHA understands that plastic bags provide little value to our customers once they receive the product and are usually thrown away. We provide products in drawstring bags made from fully renewable materials designed for reuse, so you don’t throw it away. The bag is perfect for a eco-friendly shoe, make up or wash bag. When it is not possible to use such bags we use recycled polyester products bags designed to be biodegradable. 

                         sustainablefashionpackaging sustainablefashion



The average mail bag takes approximately 500 years (or more) to degrade into landfill. The average bag does not fully degrade transforming into micro-plastic that absorbs toxins and continues to pollute the environment.

When we do have to use plastic bags ARYHA choses to use 100% recyclable products. The blend of plastic bag we use has been chemically engineered to be completely biodegradable ensuring not to contribute to landfill and reduce the pollution on our environment.

ARYHA recognises that recycling provides both environmental & economic benefits, like:

  • Reduces the need for landfill space
  • Reduces pressure on virgin resources
  • Saves Energy and Reduces Pollution
  • Encourages the development of additional markets

On each of our mail bags you will see our promise printed

“Committed to promoting 100% recyclable products to minimise the impact on our planet”







ARYHA does not support animal cruelty or the use of any animal by products. 

We chose to use synthetic alternatives to those which usefully would be animal product. A great example is what we have done when creating headwear from suede. Suede is made from the underside of the skin, primarily from lamb, although goat, calf and deer are commonly used. Splits from thick hides of cow and deer are also sueded to make clothes and headwear. According to a study conducted by the Vegan Society there are estimated to be more than 600,000 vegans in the UK.

ARYHA aims to be inclusive and cater for those who have connected to the spirituality of veganism. We have now designed a unique synthetic suede material which is 100% vegan friendly. High quality products should not have to come at the expense of animal slaughter.